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College Counseling

The Academic and College Counseling Center at Notre Dame Academy guide each students on her academic, college, and career goals. In freshman year, students meet the counselor who will help guide her all four years of high school. Through regular meetings, the counselors assist students with their academic program, social emotional learning, and guidance on their college aspirations. Students in the ninth and tenth grades explore their strengths and interests, allowing them to discover potential majors and career paths. In the upper grades, students discuss the college applications and admissions process. Individual meetings with parents regarding college planning are offered during the spring semester of junior year, and continue as needed during senior year. In addition, our counselors facilitate a two-day College Bootcamp before the start of senior year, allowing all seniors to get a head start on college applications, personal statements, and personal insight questions.

The path to college includes:
  • 4 years with the same counselor     
  • Yearly parent education workshops     
  • Counselor-parent-student meetings to design a personalized college application plan                         
  • Visits with college reps on campus       
  • SAT/ACT preparation                               
  • Personalized college essay support     
  • College Bootcamp                                   
  • Financial aid workshops                         
  • Collegiate NCAA guidance                     
  • Tailored recommendations by faculty who know each student well                  
  • College trips
College Success
  • Habits of Mind, Growth Mindset, and future-ready skills are infused into both in and out of the classroom.
  • A diverse student body, enhances communication skills and promotes cultural awareness, enabling students to navigate diverse cultural contexts and perspectives they will experience in college.
  • NDA’s Exploratory Approach prepares students with the research and analysis skills necessary for modern college and careers of the future.
Academic pursuits snapshot of the Class of 2023 at their respective colleges:
  • Accounting @ University of Wisconsin Madison
  • Architecture @ Columbia University & Washington University at St. Louis
  • Artificial intelligence for business @ University of Southern California
  • Astrophysics and aerospace engineering @ Loyola University Chicago
  • Biochemistry @ University of California Los Angeles
  • Computer science @ Loyola Marymount University
  • Computer science and engineering @ Santa Clara University
  • Cybersecurity @ Loyola University Chicago
  • Economics and computer science @ University of Virginia
  • Engineering @ Washington University in St. Louis
  • English and women’s studies @ Sarah Lawrence College
  • Film production @ California State University Long Beach
  • History @ University of California at San Diego
  • Marine biology @ University of Hawai’i, Mānoa
  • Marketing @ Loyola Marymount University
  • Math and philosophy @ Trinity College Dublin
  • Molecular biology @ Paloma College
  • Music industry @ University of Southern California
  • Neuroscience @ Middlebury College
  • Nursing @ Mount St. Mary’s University
  • Physics @ Boston College
  • Sports journalism @ Ohio State University