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All Girls Middle School | Grades 6-8

At Notre Dame Academy, we’re dedicated to empowering young women through an exceptional all-girls middle school experience. It’s the vital bridge to high school, fostering academic excellence, leadership, and sisterhood in an environment where girls thrive.

Your Launchpad to Excellence

Sisterhood & Women Empowerment

Notre Dame Academy takes pride in fostering a supportive sisterhood that empowers every student. Here, young women discover their strengths, build lifelong friendships, and develop the confidence to tackle any challenge.

Connection to the High School

Our middle school is situated on the same beautiful campus as our high school. This physical proximity ensures a seamless transition from middle to high school and offers a sense of familiarity and belonging from the very start.

STEM & Innovation Curriculum

We offer a cutting-edge STEM curriculum that encourages curiosity, critical thinking, and hands-on exploration. Our students engage in exciting STEM projects, preparing them for the increasingly STEM-focused world.

Mentorship Opportunities

Our unique mentorship program connects middle schoolers with high school students. This helps our young girls to learn, grow, and build meaningful relationships with role models who understand their journey.

Vertical Alignment

Our vertical alignment ensures a developmentally scaffolded transition approach from middle school to high school. This approach guarantees a strong educational foundation and readiness for advanced coursework.

College Preparation

Our commitment to college readiness starts early in our middle school. We guide students in setting academic goals, exploring future career paths, and building a portfolio that showcases their talents and achievements with challenging and unique electives, integrated curriculum and extracurricular offerings.

Vision and Leadership

In its spirit of growth and innovation, Notre Dame Academy will launch a middle school designed exclusively for sixth- through eighth-grade girls in fall 2024. By offering a space in which middle school girls can explore, wonder, and grow in their God-given potential, the school will balance a rigorous, integrated curriculum with robust opportunities to build connection and sisterhood. 

Developed intentionally not just with girls but rather for girls, the differentiated curriculum features robust STEM offerings, including applied math and math lab, project-based science, innovation, and coding, along with integrated humanities, such as English language arts courses combined with social science. NDA’s strong Catholic identity and service learning program provide the foundation for age-appropriate leadership, social-emotional development, and self-discovery. 

Middle School 2024-2025

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In this environment of increasing isolation, especially among adolescent girls, we identified a need here in West Los Angeles for a unique learning environment in which girls are challenged to take responsible risks while developing deep community bonds.Lilliam Paetzold, president and head of school

Space for girls to explore

The school will combine small, personalized, and inquiry-based classes with social-emotional learning support and a Catholic faith foundation that grounds students in a sense of community and purpose larger than themselves.

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Building connection & sisterhood

Housing the new middle school within the high school facility will create opportunities for friendship and mentorship between upperclasswomen and middle schoolers. Plans are under way to revive the beloved Big Sister-Little Sister program.

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By integrating growth mindset and habits of mind
throughout the academic and co-curricular offerings, the total experience will prepare these students for a seamless transition into high school.
Oscar Navarro, head of new middle school

Join us at Notre Dame Academy’s Middle School, where we cultivate the leaders of tomorrow, inspire confidence, and celebrate the strength and potential of every young woman. Apply now and be a part of a vibrant community dedicated to your daughter's success.

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