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Céline Lucie Aziz Scholarship for International Students


Céline began her life-long love affair with foreigners when she was born in Montréal.  A proud dual citizen of Canada and the US, her relationships with Americans and foreigners blossomed at a French-American pre-school, and then continued at both US and French-American schools.  At Notre Dame Academy, Céline’s life vision was formed while she developed many life-long friendships and participated in numerous school functions and service events.  She was not only a varsity swimmer and team captain her senior year, but also a serious scholar.  Her hard work paid off in the form of a scholarship to the University of Southern California where, by choice, she was able to stay close to home and thus spend more time with her family.  At USC she nurtured her interests in international travel, global business, languages, volunteer work, fashion design and amazing themed parties of all kinds.

Shortly after graduating summa cum laude from the Marshall School of Business in 2009, Céline took a huge leap and moved to Paris.  She studied fashion design at Paris College of Art, after which she worked in the industry and at several Paris Fashion Weeks before returning to PCA where she worked as the Communications Manager for Admissions.  Being passionate about international education, her  job and adventurous spirit took her to the far corners of the world where she met friends, new and old, and pursued her love of traveling and immersing herself into foreign cultures.  During her brief life she spent time in over three dozen countries in four continents, many of which she visited multiple times.

Céline’s true legacy lies in the many lives she touched around the world in her 26 years. It goes without saying that her energy and wisdom are irreplaceable. She was a true example of “joie de vivre” by bringing sunshine and spice to the most mundane parts of life.  Many she knew will continue to be inspired by her fearless approach to the unknown, and her selfless love for family and friends. Though we may have encountered her on different continents and at different points in her life, each of us has been profoundly touched by her beautiful spirit.  Céline was a true believer in not wasting opportunities; her advice to others was to “Just do it!” 

Notre Dame Academy has generously agreed to provide textbooks, uniforms and tuition at a greatly reduced cost to students who receive this scholarship. The goal of the fund is to raise an endowment  of $50,000, from which the interest would fund the Céline Lucie Aziz Scholarship for International Students.  An endowment fund of this size would allow frequent scholarship students, thus positively impacting all students at Notre Dame Academy.  Contributions to the Céline Lucie Aziz Scholarship for International Students are fully tax deductible. 

We thank you for your contribution which will empower young women at Notre Dame Academy and influence their world-view, self-confidence and possible career paths.

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