Distance Learning

A Message from Ms. Lilliam Paetzold, ‘84, President and Head of School

Dear Notre Dame Academy community,

In this unprecedented and uncertain time in education, Notre Dame Academy is uniquely poised to continue exemplary academic instruction for the young women of our community.  Our faculty and staff are united in support of our students academically, socially, and spiritually. In some ways, in fact, these challenges offer an opportunity to further demonstrate our team’s innovation and creativity.

We have implemented a remote learning plan that seamlessly delivers a rigorous and engaging curriculum through a digital platform.  Our plan represents the culmination of years of preparation by our faculty and staff to redefine the high school experience as we prepare young women to make a difference in careers we haven’t imagined and in jobs we cannot name.  Our work promoting habits of mind and growth mindset has set a new standard in Catholic education and has equipped us to successfully transition to this remote learning plan even in the most challenging circumstances.

Most importantly, we recognize that academic skills do not supersede empathy and compassion in this unprecedented moment in our students’ lives. In addition to maintaining coursework, our faculty and staff have revisioned our student life activities as well.  From online prayer opportunities to virtual advanced dance convention to zoom team workouts, we continue to focus on the whole person. We value our partnership with parents in providing a positive and steady influence to help our young women navigate what could be an unnerving time. 

Even in the midst of challenge, Notre Dame Academy and the legacy of the Sisters of Notre Dame are stronger than ever.  When the Sisters established the high school 70 years ago, they responded to the needs of that time and developed a curriculum to prepare young women for marriage and motherhood, or to join the convent. “Responding to the needs of our time” couldn’t be more relevant today.  

While the events of the past few weeks have certainly challenged the limits of our flexibility, patience, and perseverance, we’re confident we are prepared to continue to educate young women to make a difference even in these unique circumstances. 

The Sisters of Notre Dame have instilled in each of us a profound understanding of and appreciation for God’s good and provident care.  That grace -- that charism -- binds us as a community and unites us in support of our young women.

On this page, you’ll find resources related to the COVID-19 pandemic and to our distance learning program.