Virtual Learning Plan for Students

March 17, 2020

Dear Students:

Thank you all for your patience, courage, and understanding as Notre Dame Academy teachers, staff, and administrators work to create a remote learning plan that is practical and meaningful for everyone.  The events of this week, with the move to close schools across California, may feel a bit unnerving for you; however, we truly believe that NDA is prepared to face the realities of this situation and that you, the students of NDA, are more than ready and capable of handling yourselves with grace, humor, diligence, and determination as we move forward into a virtual learning environment.  

Below is a reflection about your own technology readiness to ensure that you are set and ready to go for virtual learning.  Further down is the schedule and an explanation of the expectations for virtual learning, read ALL the information and directions. You do not have to wear your uniform for remote learning but dress comfortably and appropriately (think buck-a-stuff) for video conferencing and try to find a quiet space, preferably not on your bed, to meet online.  Earbuds or headphones (both with a microphone) will be helpful, and plan to start any live video conferencing with your microphone set to “mute” (off). If you encounter wifi or connectivity issues, please let your teachers know.  Students in multiple Period 7 courses, please reach out to those teachers to let them know you have more than one 7th period and note that there may be modifications to your schedule for that period. Finally, please feel free to reach out to me, to your counselors, and/or to your teachers if you have any questions, concerns, or need further support.  Even though we may not be physically on campus, NDA faculty and staff are still here to support you!


Are you prepared to access your course materials online?

  • I have Google Classroom set up for each of my courses that contains the most current course information.
  • I have a way to submit assignments to my teachers online.
  • I can access audio or video materials.

Establish channels of communication with your teachers and classmates

  • I know how to contact my teacher and classmates if I have a question.
  • I have a way to participate in discussion with groups of classmates remotely.
  • I have a way to contact classmates to collaborate online.

Establish ways to conduct your class at a distance

  • I can read, listen to, and/or watch my lectures online.
  • I can turn in homework and take exams online.
  • I have a way to respond to teacher comments on my work.

Set up remote access to important resources

  • I have a computer or laptop that has the software and Internet connectivity I need to work remotely.
  • My computer has a working microphone and camera
  • I have earbuds or headphones with a built-in microphone to use for live video conferencing


  1. Please watch THIS video from Ms. Steves, who so clearly articulates NDA’s expectations for students during this time.
  2. To provide a sense of consistency, the remote learning schedule will be used and periods will not rotate. You can also see the schedule of classes for each day on our NDA Calendar online.
    • During your course period the expectation is that you:
      • Check in for attendance
      • Be available for live teacher broadcasts and Google Hangouts
      • Reach out to teachers for further clarification or directions on assignments 
      • Access Google Classroom and work on assignments
      • Work in small groups with classmates via Google Hangouts
  3. Use Google Classroom:  NDA already utilizes Google Classroom for our learning needs making a transition to remote learning more of a seamless exercise given our recent experience.  Using Google Classroom is a simple way for you to stay connected. It is important that you check each of your Google Classrooms, as well as your email, often.  The following are some things that will happen in Google Classroom:
    • Attendance will be completed via a Google classroom question post within the first 15 minutes of class.  You should only respond immediately and only once in this initial post to avoid confusion. After the first 15 minutes, teachers will post attendance to PowerSchool. Mrs. Ronay will still check with parents if you are absent for a class, just to find out if you are okay.
      • Students must check in for attendance for ALL classes with the exception of Study Hall and Independent Study.  Mr. Klier will reach out directly to those students currently in Independent Study. 
    • Access posted lessons/assignments 
    • Submit completed assignments
    • Take quizzes
    • Post urgent messages
    • Participate in discussions
    • Access and participate in group work
  4. Use Google Hangouts:  Google Hangouts let instructors record and distribute lectures and other class activities online via Google Classroom. As students, you can view (and review) the published materials using a Web browser or mobile device.
    • Juniors and Seniors with an iPad, please download the Google Hangouts Meet and the Zoom Meeting apps so that you can participate in video conferencing with teachers and classmates
    • Access pre-recorded video lectures
    • Access live lecture broadcasts 
    • Participate in student groups for group work
      • Google Hangouts can be created by students and faculty alike, providing a collaborative tool where students can work together on group projects and assignments. You can also use Hangouts Chat which allows for chat functionality across the student body.
  5. Use NDA’s G Suite for collaboration and productivity:  As you already know, G Suite provides access to your documents from anywhere (via the internet and/or your phone), and allows you to collaborate in real time using rich co-authoring functions and give feedback on the activities you are working on.