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Decathlon Team

Academic Decathlon is the name of an elective class and also an organization which conducts annual competitions. The theme of the competition varies but includes some constant topics. Students prepare for seven objective tests (Art, Economics, Language and Literature, Math, Music, Science, and Social Science) and three subjective events (Essay, Interview and Speech).
Academic Decathlon provides students with the opportunity to participate in an academic competition where their mental faculties are put to the test. Students study core subjects thematically and examine subjects outside the core curriculum, such as music appreciation, art history and the special topics of the Super Quiz. Students may not have academic access to many of these subjects unless they take certain electives in high school or specific classes in college. Academic Decathlon allows students to sample a wide variety of information.
Academic Decathlon is an outstanding alternative for students whose strengths and interests lie in more scholastic domains. Last year our two teams won second and third place in their divisions and the students brought home over sixty medals!