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Mock Trial is a unique class, both an educational and a competitive experience rolled into one.  A mock trial is a simulation of a real-life courtroom drama.  There are plaintiffs and defendants, lawyers and witnesses.  Just as in a real trial, lawyers make motions that the judge will rule on, there are opening and closing statements, witnesses are examined and cross-examined.  Just as in a real trial, there are winners and losers.  The program was created by the Constitutional Rights Foundation (CRF) to help students learn about the judicial system, develop analytical abilities and communication skills, and understand their responsibilities as members of society. The course is taught by Cheryl Faris, J.D., and Lee Cotungo, Esq., is our attorney-coach. 
Course: Law/Psychology, S1580
Los Angeles Superior Court, the Mock Trial Competition of the Constitutional Rights Foundation (CRF)