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The Campus Ministry program at Notre Dame Academy is a vibrant, student-led organization that animates and promotes all aspects of faith life on campus.  Under the guidance of the Director of Campus Ministry, and with the support of the Religion Department, Campus Ministry students organize, plan and provide opportunities for faith formation and spiritual development.  The Campus Ministry student leadership is comprised of the Campus Ministry Core Team, the Liturgy Committee, the Retreat Team, the Kairos Retreat Team, Students for Justice, and the HOPE (Helping Other People Everywhere) Club.



 The Campus Ministry program seeks: 

  • To promote the NDA mission “to educate young women to make a difference.”
  • To nurture and support students in achieving the ISOs, as they develop into:


A. Women of Faith who live Catholic values and witness to God’s  goodness and provident care who

     - Respect themselves and others as reflections of God’s image and likeness.

     - Understand the Catholic faith and traditions and integrate them into their lives.

     - Demonstrate a commitment to the communal aspect of church, a strong moral code, personal prayer and growth in personal faith.

     - Honor God's creation and work to preserve its balance and beauty.


B. Women of Academic Excellence who think critically and communicate effectively who

     - Demonstrate intellectual curiosity and integrity.

     - Explore the human experience through the arts.

     - Use scientific attitudes and principles to better understand the natural world.

     - Speak and write with confidence and skill.


C. Women of Vision and Leadership who collaborate, problem solve, and use technology ethically who

     - Assume responsibilities of leadership.

     - Conduct themselves with honor.

     - Dedicate themselves to lifelong learning.

     - Exercise their social and personal responsibilities in global, national, civic and church communities.


D. Women of Service and Compassion who make a positive difference in the world and who

     - Live a life of service.

     - Advocate for peace and justice.

     - Respect the sanctity and diversity of all human life.

     - Bring the hope and healing of Christ to all they serve.


  • To minister and attend to the spiritual needs of the entire NDA community –  students, faculty, staff and parents.
  • To provide opportunities for faith formation and spiritual development such as:

     - prayer, liturgy and worship in the traditions of the Catholic Church, with special attention to the SND charism

     - student retreats

     - social justice education and outreach

     - service learning


  • To integrate the content of the religion curriculum with the lived faith experience of the students.
  • To help students develop qualities of servant leadership.