Kairos Program

The Kairos Retreat is a wonderful experience that has been an important part of the faith formation of students at many Catholic high schools and colleges over the past 50+ years.  Stemming from one of the Greek terms for time, Kairos denotes a time that is not bound by the clock or chronology of seconds, minutes, or hours (chronos), but is rather a time that is sacred and special – God’s time.  Over the course of the four-day retreat, students pray and reflect individually and in small groups about their relationship with themselves, with others, and with God and what that means in how they live their everyday life.  The Kairos retreat allows each retreatant to explore her individual faith life and to become open to God’s love. It is also a chance to build and develop community and to recognize and appreciate the love and presence of family and friends in one’s life.  
There are two Kairos retreat opportunities, offered in the fall and the spring of the senior year.  At the end of their junior year, students are encouraged to sign up for the one that best accommodates their schedule and extracurricular activities.  Adult chaperones including a school administrator attend each Kairos retreat.
An adult team of faculty and staff members mentor and train a team of seniors to organize and facilitate each Kairos retreat.  The Fall Kairos retreat team is comprised of students who were invited to attend Kairos during the spring of their junior year.  The Spring Kairos retreat team is selected after an application and interview process.  Any student who attends the Fall Kairos retreat and meets the leader eligibility requirements may apply to be a Spring Kairos retreat leader.