Notre Dame Academy Educating Young Women to Make a Difference

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Acting in the spirit of St. Julie Billiart who proclaimed, “you are not asked to do all the good in the world, just that bit which lies within your power,” NDA initiated Women Helping Women. Each graduating class has the honor of leaving behind a $1,000 student scholarship for an incoming freshman who needs financial assistance to attend NDA.  Earning their own money by doing an extra family chore, each freshman is asked to bring in just $1.00, each sophomore $2.00, each junior $3.00 and each senior $4.00. Individually this is not a lot of money, but collectively it helps another young girl realize her dream of attending NDA. The $1,000 student scholarship left behind in the name of the graduating class affords all our graduating seniors a sense of great pride in accomplishing this selfless goal. Money is collected on the Sisters of Notre Dame Founders’ Day, October 1.