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Pathway to NCAA Program





Aileen Nasypany

Athletic Director: 

 310-839-5289 ext. 224

Brittany Melvin

Academic Counselor:

310-839-5289 ext. 230

At Notre Dame Academy, participation in athletics serves as an integral component of a student's education.  We believe playing sports not only enhances the student’s extracurricular experiences throughout high school, but also forms the backbone of their academic performance.  Athletics teach students the value and power of a positive attitude, strong work ethic, time management, teamwork, and discipline. Students are empowered to develop such habits and skills throughout their tenure at NDA and build upon this foundation in their future college and employment endeavors. 


NDA’s Pathway to NCAA Program serves as a platform to encourage our young women to embark on a lifelong journey of participation in athletics and investment in their overall health/wellness.  Pursuing involvement in Division I, II, or III Athletics affords our students the opportunity to do just that! 


For those students interested in becoming a scholar-athlete in college, we provide the advice, tools, and resources to navigate the process. We work in collaboration to support students, starting in their freshman year. With over 25 years in coaching -- 15 at the collegiate level -- Ms. Nasypany has valuable first-hand knowledge of college athletic recruiting policies and procedures. The program is broken down by grade level from both an academic and athletic standpoint.  Through individual appointments and presentations, as well as ongoing conversation with teachers and coaches, NDA follows the NCAA athletic recruiting timeline and executes the recommended four-year curriculum, calendar, and outcomes to meet the needs, goals, and aspirations of our students. By counseling students from a strategic and intentional perspective, we develop holistically educated students who are prepared for the demands, rigor, and expectations of college.


NDA is committed to fostering a healthy, balanced, and joyous life for our young women. Backed by the faculty and staff at NDA, we look forward to working with you to make your future aspirations come true!


Ms. Aileen Nasypany & Ms. Brittany Melvin