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Why Notre Dame?

A better question is "WHY NOT?"

Why not set high expectations and achieve ambitious academic goals?

Why not surround yourself with like-minded young women who seek to make a difference both locally and globally?

Why not follow your passion, fulfill your dreams, and push the limits of your potential?

Why not cultivate a personal, meaningful relationship with God?

Why not embrace tradition without being traditional?

Why not be prepared to score an average of 28 points higher on the SAT?

Why not establish the deep friendships that will last through college and beyond?

Why not share your ideas in a welcoming and supportive environment?

Why not develop substantive relationships with teachers, administrators, and advisors?

Why not create a club, lead a protest, or organize a petition?

Notre Dame Academy’s student-centered program will equip you with the skills, knowledge, and moral foundation to challenge yourself and others by asking “Why not?”

While many of our young women become better students at NDA, without exception they all become better people.

Research supports that girls thrive in Catholic, single-gender environments. For more information, consult the National Coalition of Girls' Schools: Research.

National Coalition of Girls' Schools