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Dear NDA Community:
For close to 70 years, Notre Dame Academy has been educating young women to make a difference in the world.  We are very grateful to all who choose to support our mission by making Notre Dame Academy, and our remarkable young women, a charitable priority in their lives.  Together we are partners in education.  Your generosity in the form of a financial donation remains a vote of confidence in our efforts to provide the very best in Catholic education.  Our students continue to excel in and out of the classroom; seeking the challenges and rewards of a rigorous, college-preparatory education steeped in the traditions of leadership and service.  Your heartfelt contribution has an immediate and meaningful impact on each and every Notre Dame Academy family.
The Seed is the Word of God which you are called to
implant in the hearts of the children.
In its time it will bear fruit, and you will see that
in doing good to one child, you have saved whole generations.
      St. Julie Billiart, Notre Dame Spiritual Foundress
Your generous donation to Notre Dame Academy affords our young women the opportunity to continue their education and spiritual growth guided by the values and charism of the Sisters of Notre Dame.  Graduating as confident, well-rounded, compassionate young women who embrace the ideals of honor, integrity, service and justice; understanding their roles as leaders and prepared to serve others.
Notre Dame Academy Graduates are:
Women of Faith
Women of Academic Excellence
Women of Vision and Leadership
Women of Service and Compassion
Your financial gift enriches the experiences of all of our young women.  Some programs enhanced by your donations are:
Academic Scholarships
Emergency Financial Aid
Investments in Technology
Teacher Training Programs
Building and Maintenance
Extracurricular Activities
On behalf of all the students and families we serve, I thank you for choosing to invest in Notre Dame Academy, where girls with dreams become women of vision and action.
In Notre Dame,
Nancy J Ehrmann    
Advancement Director
2851 Overland Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 839-5289 ext. 212