Annual Report

The Honor Roll of Donors from July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020 is below. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who gave in FY20 and to all those who have generously made a gift this year. We know that we are blessed to be part of such a loving and supportive Notre Dame community. We are grateful to our families, alumnae, Foundations, business partners and friends for your profound generosity, enthusiastic support and loving partnership. Together, we are educating young women to make a difference in our global community. Thank you and God bless you.





Gifts of $100,000 and above

Catherine Duddy Wood ‘74



Gifts of $20,000 and above

Ahmanson Foundation

Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation



Gifts of $10,000 and above

Bonnie Abaunza ‘82

Pat and Kate Barrera

Dan Murphy Foundation

James and Mary Jo Evans

George H. Mayr Foundation

Henry Jordan

Christine Landis ‘65

Tepper Family Foundation

William H. Hannon Foundation



Gifts of $5,000 and above


Colin and Allison Barber

Nancy J. Coonis

Sylvana Guidotti ‘75

James and Anne Marie Gunderman

Richard and Arlene Havel

Tom and Caroline McClune

Chris and Aarti McDonald

Marty and Rowena Morisky

Romeo Santos and Mary Blomer-Santos ‘82

Success Through Education

John Tangney and Mary Bertone

The Roman Catholic Archbishop of LA

Cecilia Uribe ‘86

Chris and Erin Ward



Gifts of $2,500 - $4,999


Alice Barriciello ‘89

Kayla Berlin ‘07

California Community Foundation

Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program

Paul and Barbara Corrigan

Lee Cotugno and Holly Fujie

Concezio and Roseanne Di Gregorio ‘64

Gary and Cory Drake

Daniel Duffy and Sonja Sevcik

Harriet Hofmann ‘59

Kellbar Foundation

Rita McBride

James Q. and Kristin Meehan

Raytheon Matching Gifts for Education

The Schlei Family

Malcolm and Elizabeth Smith

Paul and Peggy Smith

James T. and Rosa Tomchak ‘82

Dona Whitaker ‘57



Gifts of $1,500 - $2,499

Alexander and Tracy Alvy


Maria Bains

John and Sandra Barrett

Robert and Nancy Bergsten

Terry Chopiuk and Nasrin Bahari- Chopiuk

Elaine Frank-Ragan ‘65

Friends of St. Lawrence Watts Youth

Jeff and Peggy Grant

John and Laura Haydel

Robert and Christy Hyer

Jeremy Kaufman and Leila Flynn Kaufman

Padma Krishnaveni and Boligala Raju

Sandra Korn

Robert and Erica Lockhart

Tom and Yvette McFerson

Maureen Morehouse ‘67

Tommy and Michelle Moreno

Peter Nyquist and Taz Varkey

Max and Elisa Paetzold

Denise Shepherd ‘93

Victor and Julie Wright



Gifts of $500 - $1,499

Mario and Monica Allen

Lana Allen ‘02

Jerverl Alvarado and Hada Perdomo

Howard and Kathleen Anderson

Sherif and Saly Antoon

Cecelia Assaf ‘78

Andrea Bains ‘98

Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Brianna Berlin ‘05

Michael and Michelle Berlin

Alberto and Hilda R. Besada

Gina Marie Blunck, SND ‘64

Pat Brill ‘67

Janice Burrill

Kristin Callaghan

Katessa Charles-Davis

Theresa Chavez ‘77

Martin and Dana Chin

Harrison and Dana Chuang

Nicholas and Lisa Cipiti ‘78

Patricia Cook ‘62

Francis Costanzo and Lilliam Paetzold Costanzo ‘84

Rob and Ashley Craig

Keith Dartley

Daughters of Charity Foundation

Marshall and Zita Davis, Jr. ‘84

Timothy and Kathy DeBaets

Janet Edwards ‘72

Patricia Erb ‘80

Rosemary Erlinger ‘59

Patrick and Cheryl Faris

Blake and Sophie Fix

John and Houri Fogarty

Brian Foley and Yuen Huo

Patrick Frontiera and Maire Ford

Brad Fuller

David and Alicia Gonzalez

Humberto and Maria Gray

Byron and Madalynne Grundy

Michael and Fahi Hallin

Aaron and Nadine Harrison

Jack and Lynne Hook

Ronald and Tracy Hurst

Steve and Brigid Huskey

Andrew and Pammela Jackson

Mark Jamison

Regina Janosky ‘63

William and Cathy Kaiser

Atsushi and Yoko Kajioka

Arthur Khachatourian and Fran Piumetti

Gustavo Lamanna and Valerie Lapeña ‘87

Nancy Lan James ‘02

Francis and Cynthia Lewis

Ramon and Sol Lopez

Tim and Jen Lynch

Leo and Lisa Maqueira

Chris and Verania Martin

Mattel Children’s Foundation

Robert and Margaret McAusland

Michael and Milana McDermott ‘80

Jennifer McGaughey

Luis and Meg Moreta

Kathy Morgan

Todd and Jocelyn Murray ‘88

Jane Nayagam Thomas ‘94

Robert and Sally Neely


Tom and Lisa Nichols

Mark and Lucyna Nixon

Northrop Grumman Foundation

Daniel and Susan O’Connell

Michael and Elena O’Shea ‘83

Guadalupe Padilla ‘72

Mercedes Padilla ‘88

Thomas Poon and Therese Irwin ‘86

Doris Pregenzer

John and Andiara Reuter

Cheryl Robinson ‘70

David and Maria Rojas

Barbara Roth

Steven and Sheryl Rothans

Beatrice Schlatter

Paul and Edna Schumacher

Peter and Sandra Seto

Sisters of Notre Dame

Karen Sorey ‘83

Ana Soto

Michael Stevens and Allison Yamamoto

James and Andrea Sullivan

Anthony and Takako Taketa

Norb and Karen Taylor

Tito and Sandra Tiberti Foundation ‘59

Aprille Tobin ‘85

Tom and Christine Torii

Tae Woong and Ho Yon Kim Um

Rick and Karen Valte

Mieke Velghe

Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gift

Richard and Patti Williams

Zhiwen and Qiang Yao

Jamie Zelada and Eloisa Romo



Gifts up to $499

George and Diana Aceves

Michelle Aguilar ‘99

Carlos and Susym Alvarenga

Kylen A. ‘22

Amazon Smile Foundation

Terje and Barbara Andreassen

Sharon Arnett ‘70

Melandie Austin

Amanda Ayres ‘99

Lori Balsamo

Clare Banate

Cristina Barba

Guadalupe Barragan ‘83

Frances Barrera ‘18

Giulio and Deborah Battaglini

Giuliana Battaglini ‘13

Sophia Beauvy

Ed Beltran and Leslie Rezzonico Beltran

Janet Berryhill ‘59

Courtney Boitano ‘99

Christina Bomberger ‘83

Laureen Bonin ‘78

Sarah Brodhead ‘03

Brandon Bub

Bill and Celeste Bub

Lily Burrill ‘20

Mark and Shelley Calde ‘65

Scott and Suzanne Calderon

Barbara Callaghan ‘63

Betty Callender ‘65

Catalina Campos ‘01

Angela Eren Capp

Eric and Linda Cardenas

Samantha Carleton ‘11

Robert and Makiko Carlson

Catherine C. ‘22

Jose Cepeda and Liz Mier

Karen Chambers ‘98

Cindy Chan ‘99

Amy Chase ‘13

Peter and Avis Cheung

Anne Cipiti ‘12

Virginia Clifford-Weiss ‘05

John and Catherine Cobb

Simone Cooper ‘17

Cristina Cuellar ‘00

Juana Cuellar

Erin Culbertson ‘04

Chanel Davis ‘13

Amanda DeLay ‘01

Judith Delp ‘82

Christia Donohue ‘99

Donald Dorson

Brenda Drew ‘93

Kristin Duerr

Bridget D. ‘21

Andrew Dunkle

William and Fiona Dunne

Raymond and Eva-Maria Durand

Raynelle Duronslet ‘98

Edison International Employee Campaign

Sebastien and Andrea LaShea Elkouby

Carla Ellis ‘76

Carlos and Peggy Enriquez ‘80

Mary Lu Everett ‘63

Eileen Fabunan ‘99

Halleh and Seyed Fattahy

Jill Faulkner

Edward Fletcher

Zoe F. ‘23

Ryan Folsey and Erica Mireles Folsey

Marlene Forthun ‘56

Teena Fortune Harris ‘99

Carson Fries  ‘20

Colleen Gaines ‘87

Rachael Garcia ‘93

Amanda Garland ‘95

Vanessa Garza ‘99

Frank and Lynn Gayer

Steve and Linda Genewick

Kimberly Ann Geraldez ‘00

Wendy Gill ‘05

Edward and Donna Gladbach

Adrian and Monica Gonzalez

Maria  Gonzalez

Dana Gray ‘83

Marie Paul Grech, SND

Paula  Griego ‘73

Dayna Grundy ‘13

Manny Guardado

Marla  Guess ‘84

Claire  Gunderman ‘14

Ted and Megan Hall

Norma Hammons ‘67

PJ and Kimberly Hanke

Christine Hanna ‘94

Mary Ann Hanson, SND ‘56

Katherine Harding ‘00

Laurel Harris

Lorraine Hartman

Laura  Hartman ‘99

Dayle  Hartnett ‘60

Vaughdrea Harvey and Annick Lagarde- Harvey

Jennifer Hatch ‘95

Tya Haylock ‘99

Levi Heath and Jennifer Robin Heath

Megan Henley ‘03

Eva Hermann

Mayra Hernandez

Amy Hickl

Jeff and Cari Hilger

Brienna Hilger ‘18

Jody Hill

Jack and Kathleen Hill

Gary Ho

Farah  Holmes ‘95

Vivienne Houghton ‘88

Kathleen Howlett ‘80

Salvador Rodriguez and Nancy Huerta Rodriguez

Juliet Iacono ‘20

Amy Imamura ‘93

Katherine Irajpanah ‘15

Iris Jamgochian ‘57

Glen Janken

Denia Jimenez ‘99

Melvin and Christina Johnson

Melissa Kasek ‘96

Kathy Kassar ‘71

Kathleen Kearin ‘77

Valerie Killam ‘10

Barbara King ‘13

Jeanne Kirchhoff Boyd ‘58

Timothy and Karen Kolesnikow

Andrew and Liz Kozlowski

Anil Kumar and Madhavi Koka

Barbara Kurtz ‘63

Hesham and Heba-Abdullah Labib

Kimberly LaCaille ‘68

Christine Lagrimas

Linda  Lamanna ‘93

Arthur and Rina Lapena

Cathy  Lass ‘84

Trevor Lavin and Margaret Shanley

Ron Lebron

Albert and Sonia Lomeli

Damian Loporto

James Luisi

Tefi Ma’ake

James and Nora Magdlen

Omar and Nicole Maldonado

Madison Maldonado ‘20

George and Erin Mansoor

Maria and Fernando Martin

Melissa Martinez

Jan Masi ‘78

Kathryn McBride

Paul and Patricia McCloskey

Michael McCurdy

Emily McFerson ‘20

Josie McKinley

Michael Mellody

Brittany Melvin

Melvyn Mendoza and Edith Cuevas Mendoza

Jean Merl

Christopher and Maureen Miller

Avito and Grace Moniz

Antoinette Marie Moon, SND ‘63

Blanca Mora ‘95

Jennifer Moreno ‘10

Danelle Moriarty ‘70

Matthew and Mary Moro

Marco and Ilona Munoz

Owen Murray and Charmaine Cosky

Leticia Muttera ‘85

Aileen Nasypany

Oscar Navarro

Linda Nguyen

Sonia Nichols ‘20

Jose Nunez and Griselda Haro

Ella Nyquist ‘20

Terrence and Regina O’Rourke

Jacklyn Oldoerp ‘20

Marquette and Yvette Oliver

Kalu and Nena Onwuka

Oriental Trading Company

William and Kristan Orr

Brooklyn P. ‘21

Jaclyn Paetzold ‘18

Kimberly Palacios ‘99

Robert Palmer

Isabel  Parker

Mark Patterson

Lauren Pechayco ‘20

Laura  Perez ‘78

James and Bettijane Pike

Elda Pineda ‘92

Alfred and Paula Porter

Therese Portman

Tim and Melinda Pruitt

Akilah Bakeer Pullum

Ben and Kristen Purcell

Ralphs/Krogers Grocery Company

Carmen Ramirez-Boner ‘64

Michael Roberts and Maritza Ramon-Roberts

Kristin Ratleff ‘01

Linda Rauhauser ‘70

Maria Rawald

Peter and Helen Reale

Wendy Rhoades ‘86

Kristina Richardson ‘95

Bernadette Robert

Melissa Rodas ‘99

David and Riah Rode

Kristen Rodriguez ‘13

Victor and Sara Romero

George and Jeanne Ronay

Farhad Rostamian

Armando and Marcia Ruiz

Gabrielle Sabharwal ‘82

Monreo and Melinda Sarne

James and Ginger Schevers

Mary Joann Schlarbaum, SND

Todd Schlicter

Mary Joan Schlotfeldt, SND ‘63

Valerie Schulte ‘64

Eric Schwab

Sherine Shenouda ‘97

Emily Shindle ‘20

John Silverman and Yumiko Kawanishi

Anna Skarbrevik ‘70

Jason Smith and Cheryl Brancaccio

Kelly Smith

Tonny and Fay Soesanto

Brittany Sorrentino ‘03

Steven and Karen Sosa

Michael and Iris Sperounes

Julie and Michael Stauber

Jacqueline Steves

Madeleine Sullano Smith ‘72

Lauren Suzuki ‘85

Thomas and Teressa Syta

Scott and Mia Tepper

Bruce and Jill Teraoka

Gallant Thein and Albeina Esteban

Genevieve Tolentino ‘92

Emily Tomchak ‘13

Merzak Toubal

Catherine Mae Tulio ‘99

David and Charlotte Tureaud

Elisa Valencia ‘99

Bernard and Gloria Valenzuela

Lisa Vallesteros ‘03

Marcel and Zydra Van der Sluys

Jerome Velarde and Mariel Dumaguin-Velarde

Tyler Vicknair ‘13

Christian Vivo, Ed.D.

Chrisoula Vlassopoulos ‘02

Jaime Vogel  ‘99

Paul and Susan Volkman

Parker Waechter and M’Lissa Smith Waechter

Mary Frances Wahl, SND

Piper Waldron ‘05

Sally Wallace ‘62

Elizabeth Ward

Isabel  Warner ‘92

Mark and Julia Waterman

John Watkins

Grace Wdowiak

Mary Karlynn Werth, SND ‘60

Stanley and Gina West

Michele White ‘96

Nadia  Wiggins ‘15

Virginia Williams ‘70

Jourdyhn Williams ‘13

James and Kim Wise

Mary Joanne Wittenburg, SND ‘58

Marilyn (Kit) Wynn’ 57

Jessica Yang ‘19

David and Jane Yeow

Noël Yerington ‘00

Kristin Yinger ‘09

Stephanie Zavaleta ‘10

James and Tammy Zucker