Making a Difference Scholarship Benefit


Thank you so much to those of you who joined us for our second annual

Making a Difference Scholarship Benefit!

We have raised over $165,000 for tuition assistance!

Will you help us provide more young women with an NDA education?

Every donation, no matter the amount, makes a difference for our students!

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April 17, 2021


The Making a Difference Scholarship Benefit provides the opportunity for our donors and community partners to support our mission of providing a Catholic, college-preparatory high school education dedicated to educating young women to make a difference by living Gospel values. This event supports our commitment to provide educational equity to students, helping to level the playing field and bridge the opportunity and achievement gap. NDA provides an inclusive environment where each student can learn, grow, and thrive, preparing her for college and future career success.


This year's goal is $150,000 and you can make a difference! 

  • NDA’s tuition for 2020-21 is $20,650.
  • NDA provides 36% of students with need-based tuition assistance ranging from $1,000 to $20,650 (full tuition) during this school year; these students would not be able to attend NDA without financial assistance.
  • NDA awarded over $1 million in financial support in FY21.
  • Making a Difference makes up 15% of the financial aid budget; each gift is matched by 85% of other funding in order to make the most impact and help the greatest number of students.
  • NDA partners with foundations, corporations and nonprofits in order to support low income families.
  • The generosity of our alumnae, alumnae parents, families and friends is deeply appreciated


May we count on you to make a difference?

We invite you to partner with us this year as a Making a Difference sponsor. To make your contribution online, please click here.


Sponsorship Levels:
$25,000+ Julie Billiart Sponsor
Provides a $5,000 award to five students
$10,000+ Platinum Sponsor
Provides a $2,000 award to five students
$5,000+ Gold Sponsor
Provides a $1,000 award to five students
$2,500+ Silver Sponsor
Provides a $500 award to five students
$1,500+ Crown Sponsor
Provides a $500 award to three students
$1,000+ Presidential Sponsor
$500+ Crimson Sponsor
$250+ Regal Sponsor
$150+ Sunflower Sponsor

For additional information, please contact Giuliana Battaglini '13, Director of Advancement, at and (310) 839-5289 x 212. 




Event Underwriters
Lee Cotugno | Mark Nixon | James Meehan | Andrea Bains '98 | Pat Barrera |
Sr. Gina Marie Blunck '64 | Peggy Grant | Jim Gunderman |  Lynne Hook | Rita McBride |
Milana McDermott '80 | Daniel O'Connell | Bernadette Robert | Michael Shore |     
Paul Smith | Jim Tomchak
$10,000+  Platinum Sponsors
Christine Bertero Landis '65
Henry Jordan
$5,000+  Gold Sponsors
Bonnie Abaunza '82
Allison and Colin Barber
Barrera & Associates
Dan Duffy and Sonja Sevcik
Aarti & Chris McDonald
Danielle and Andy Schlei
$2,500+  Silver Sponsors
Kayla Berlin '07
MBB Realty Advisors—Mike and Michelle Berlin
Mr. and Mrs. Concezio DiGregorio '64
Richard Havel
Harriet Hofmann '59, Suzanne Bonilla '94, and Julie Risso '98
Michelle and Tommy Moreno
Romeo Santos and Mary Blomer Santos '82
Erin Sullivan Ward '82
$1,500+ Crown Sponsor
Maria Bains
Mary Bertone
Nancy Coonis
Elaine Frank-Ragan '65
Graybar, LLC
Laura and John Haydel
Jerome and Sydney McAlpin
Mary McQueen
David and Maureen Morehouse '67
Beth and Enrico Parodi
Elizabeth Smith
Tito and Sandra Tiberti ('59) Foundation
$1,000+ Presidential Sponsor
Mario and Monica Allen
Kathy Anderson
Bri Berlin '05
Catholic Community Foundation of Los Angeles
Barbara and Edward Hickl
Sandra Korn
Rebecca Labat Michaud '94
Tim and Jennifer Lynch
Tom and Yvette McFerson
Frances McNamee '64
Jaime Moore
Alan Noel
Lupe Padilla '72
Doris Pregenzer
Anthony Taketa
Jane Nayagam-Thomas '94
Steven and Sheryl Rothans
$500+ Crimson Sponsor
Bill and Celeste Bub
Francis Costanzo and Lilliam Paetzold '84
Teresita D'Elia '70
Norma Nicol Hamilton '59
Christine Hanna (Youssef) '94
Kim Hindrew '72
Kathryn Kassar '71
Mark Jamison
Melvin and Christina Johnson
Andrew Kozlowski
Gustavo Lamanna and Valerie Lapeña '87
Robert and Erica Lockhart
Lisa Melton
Angela O'Mahony '93
Lisa and Paul Tyler
Mary Pat Warner '69
$250+ Regal Sponsor
Martin and Dana Grace Chin
Cristina Cuellar '00
Edith Cuevas-Mendoza
Carrie Eidsmoe
Kelly (Breidenbach) Elliott '75
Irene Fujioka
David and Alicia Gonzalez
Aaron Harrison
Nancy Huerta Rodriguez
Brigid and Steven Huskey
Andrew Jackson
Melissa Kasek '96
Cathy Lass '84
Aleli Liscano
Stuart Makagon
Margi and Rob McAusland
Kathryn McBride
Hilda and Tim McGonigle
Kelly Odello '05
Elena O'Shea '83
James and Bettijane Pike
Francesca Piumetti
Laurens S. '22
Mieke Velghe
Grace Vorreuter '01
Dina Wiggins
Victor and Julie Wright
$150+  Sunflower Sponsor
Ieshia Blakely
Jereme Butler
Makiko Carlson
Cleamons Family
Paul and Barbara Corrigan
Peggy Enriquez '80
Fattahy Family
Bobby Ferris
Heather Flannery
Brad Fuller
Marie Ann Genoud
Dana Gray '83
Paula Athan Griego '73
Madalynne Grundy
Veronica Guardado '79
Sylvia Guindi
Rachel Hall
Katie Harding '00
Diana and Mark Hechinger
Carolyn Hemann
Vivienne Houghton '88
Glen Janken
Kathleen Kearin '77
Sara Kelly '87
Robert Kleir
Jaqueline Koci Tamayo '98
Michelle Lampa '01
Mary Lalli '72
Tefi Ma'ake
Michella Lawlor Manning '60
Frank and Jeanee Miranda
Mary Moro
Leticia Muttera '85
Robert and Alicia (Álvarez) '72 Nash
David Romero
Waneka Ruffin '94
Brittany Sorrentino '03
Mia Tepper
Kathleen Townsend '97
Julie Mordaunt '74
Terry Saeur '76
Felicia St. Denis
Wendy Walsh Rhoades '86
Elizabeth Ward
Up to $149 Donors
Jennifer Appling '97
Frances Barrera '18
Lori Balsamo
Giuliana Battaglini '13
Michael Beugg
Betty Mae Bienlein, SND '60
Laureen Bonin '78
Janice Burrill
Mark and Shelley Calde '65
Barbara Callaghan '63
Elizabeth Callender '65
Clemencia Castillo
Karen Chambers '98
Chimene Clarke-Holmes
Virginia Clifford-Weiss '05
Samantha '11 and Sophia '15 Costanzo
Sabrina Cotugno '08
Juana and Jose Cuellar
Mitra Djabbari '16
Andrea Elkhouby
Marlene Forthun '56
Taylor Fortier '13
Amanda Garland '95
Patty Green Durkee '80
Mary Ann Hanson, SND '56
Margaret Hatfield '70
Laurel Harris
Lorraine Hartman
Anthony Heim
Amy Hickl
Cari Hilger
Nancy Head Mahoney '64
Gary Ho
Ashley Hobbs
Katherine Irajpanah '15
Lisebeth Kearns
Barbara King '13
Kelley Lanni
Rina Lapena
Aprille Lapena Tobin '85
Sheena Long '02
Mary Lund
Melissa Martinez
Michael McCurdy
Michael Mellody
Brittany Melvin
Jean Merl
Sister Antoinette Marie Moon '63
Melissa Mooney (Alvarenga) '02
Melissa Morales '15
Jennifer '10 and Eliza '14 Moreno
Owen Murray
Lucy Namnath Ouano '71
Aileen Nasypany
Oscar Navarro
Lisa and Tom Nichols
Sonia Nichols '20
Lisa Padden Cipiti '78
Rob Palmer
Coleen Patterson '71
In memory of Rita Mahony Perez '64
Mary Pizzorno '57
Karina R. '21
Raquel Ramirez
Carmen Ramirez-Boner '64
Alicia Rizkalla '16
Regina Robbins, SND '60
Susan Roberts
Kristen Rodriguez '13
Sara Romero '16
Jeanne Ronay
Betsy Rott
John Sawoski
Joann Schlarbaum, SND
Anna Skarbrevik '70
Kelly Smith
Jacqueline Steves
Andrea Sullivan
I Takimoto
Erika Tarankow '01
Dolores (Dolly) Trout '65
Rosalinda Vasquez, SND '66
Hans and Carolyn Volmert-Underbrink
Michelle Waldron
Julia Waterman
Michelle and Christoper Webb
Karylnn Werth, SND '60
Gina West
Sherry Wickware
Dick and Patti Williams
Michele White '96
Mary Joanne Wittenburg, SND '58
Tammy and James Zucker