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Honor Code

NDA's Honor Code was created by students and the Honor Code Committee, charged with encouraging students to act with integrity, is student led. 

Our Honor Code reflects our values here at NDA:

Integrity, especially academic integrity.  Students attend school to learn and grow. A test, quiz, project, or other assessment gives them an opportunity to learn about themselves, to see their strengths, to see their weaknesses, and perhaps most importantly, to understand how they feel about a particular subject.  In addition, assessments give valuable information to teachers as to how well they are teaching the material.  This can only be accomplished if:

  • Students do their own work, and
  • Teachers clearly communicate what level of collaboration is acceptable. 

Safety and security.  The school community is most productive when all members can focus on what is important and not be distracted by concerns over personal safety or the security of belongings.  Stealing is completely unacceptable.

Love and acceptance.  NDA has a reputation as being a warm and caring place. This is one of the many qualities that make our school special.  Treating others with respect and kindness during academic, athletic, extracurricular, and off-campus events, as well as on social media, is at the heart of NDA’s culture. Bullying of any kind runs counter to the Christ-like behavior expected in a Catholic school.  It disrupts our loving community and is therefore unacceptable.