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If you weren't able to join us in person, click on the image above to watch our livestream. The program starts at the 16:00 mark!
If you’d like to support this initiative, you can still make your gift! Every gift -- no matter the amount -- makes a difference!

The Making a Difference Scholarship Benefit provides the opportunity for our donors and community partners to support our commitment to providing an exemplary Catholic education to young women from all socio-economic backgrounds. 

  • 2021-22 Tuition is $20,650.
  • NDA provides 33% of students with need-based tuition assistance ranging from $1,000 to $20,650; these students would have not been able to attend this year without the financial assistance.
  • NDA awarded over $1 million in financial support for the 2021-2022 academic year.
  • Since its inception in 2020, Making a Difference has provided almost $400,000 in tuition assistance.

Tuition assistance allows us to continue offering a seat to those who desire and deserve a challenging, nurturing, and safe educational experience regardless of ability to pay.  The Third Annual Making a Difference Scholarship Benefit is our first time celebrating together in person as we support tuition assistance.

We hope you will join us with fellow alumnae, past and current parents, and friends! 100% of all sponsorships, donations, and ticket sales directly assists girls in need of tuition assistance.

May we count on you to make a difference?

To watch last year's event, click here!

For additional information, please contact Giuliana Battaglini '13, director of advancement and alumnae engagement, at (310) 839-5289 x 212 or 

For charitable income tax purposes, Notre Dame Academy’s tax identification number: 95-1878862. 
Notre Dame Academy Schools of Los Angeles is a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax deductible to the extent the law allows. The fair market value of the benefits received is not tax deductible as a charitable contribution.  The fair market value for dinner is $125.


$10,000+ Platinum Sponsor
Bonnie Abaunza '82 P'14
Henry Jordan P’05
Jessica Sarowitz
$5,000+ Gold Sponsor
Colin and Allison Barber P’23
Nancy Coonis
Dan and Sonja Duffy P’21
Dan Murphy Foundation
Margaret and Jeff Grant P'20
Maureen and David Morehouse ’67
Romeo Santos and Mary Blomer Santos '82 P'23
$2,500+ Silver Sponsor
Kayla Berlin ’07
Michael and Michelle Berlin P'05'07
Teresa and Brian Carlson
Catholic Association of Latino Leaders
Tom and Luanne Donahue P’24
Concezio and Roseanne Di Gregorio '64
Richard and Arlene Havel P’88
Harriet Hofmann '59, Suzanne Hoffman Bonilla '94, and Julie Hofmann Risso '98 
Lynne and Jack Hook P’22
Daniel and Deborah Koskovich P’04’09
Hilda and Tim McGonigle P'15
Tyler and Rebecca Labat Michaud '94
Beth and Enrico Parodi P'23
E Jane Nayagam-Thomas P’94
Tito and Sandra Tiberti ('59) Foundation
Erin Ward ’82 P’23
$1,500+ Crown Sponsor
Alexander and Tracy Alvy P’22
The Howard H and Kathleen H Anderson Family Trust
Maria Bains P'98
Pat and Kate Barrera P'18'22'23
Lee Cotugno and Holly Fujie P'08
Patty Durkee '80 (in memory of Mary Durkee)
Sheila Eickhoff '55
Jim and Mary Jo Evans P'10'15
Elaine Frank-Ragan ’65
Jim and Anne Marie Gunderman P’11’14
Laura and John Haydel P’96
Sandra Korn
Gustavo Lamanna and Valerie Lapeña ’87 P’23
Aprille Lapeña Tobin '85
Karen Lewis '83
Rita McBride
Chris and Aarti McDonald P’20’24
Tom and Yvette McFerson P'20
Frances and David McNamee ’64
Mark and Lucyna Nixon P’16’18
Laura Pitari
Bridget and Matt Rohmer P’24
Andrew and Danielle Schlei P’25
Myriam and Mauricio Silva P’25
Yudesh and Clara Sohan P'23
Anthony Taketa P'11'15
John Tangney and Mary Bertone P’23
Jim and Rosa Tomchak ’82 P’13
$1,000+ Presidential Sponsor
American Martyrs Catholic Church
Bri Berlin '05
Grace Chacon
Andrew Culp Spitser P’25
Colleen Donatucci P'18
Carolyn Hemann and Dale Preator P'25
Jeremy Kaufman and Leila Flynn P'23
Christine Landis ’65
Adam and Amy Lowrey P’25
Avito and Grace Moniz P'00'06'09
Jaime and Yolanda Moore P'24
Doris Pregenzer
Bernard Reina and Julie Camarillo P'23
Marc and Ann Shrake
Brigid Williams '03
$500+ Crimson Sponsor  
Shelley Calde '65
Haydee Campos ’74
Sharon (Roe) Caviglia ’66
Joanne Conley P'01'05
Patricia Cook ’62
Cristina Cuellar '00
Nicole Esparza P’25
Paul and Donna Falzon
Brad Fuller
David and Marie Ann Genoud Dit Du Chene P’24
David and Alicia Gonzalez P’23’25
Normal Hamilton '59
Michelle Irwin '88
Jolene Jackson Arroyo P'24
Melvin and Christina Johnson P'93
William and Cathy Kaiser P'05'10
Arthur Khachatourians and Francesca Piumetti P'23
Robert and Erica Lockhart P'22
Kathryn McBride
Lilliam Paetzold '84
Victoria Parrado-Cullen
Thomas Poon and Cathy Irwin '86
Diana Ramos ’84
Ani Yahaya and Maureen Ranney P’24
Maria Rawald
Perry and Jill Reel P’25
The Riley Family '24
Steve and Sheryl Rothans P'08'14'18
Ray and Stacey Santamaria P’25
Adam Schiff and Janine Eser P’25
Palma Nachtwey Selufsky ’58
Peter and Sandra Seto P'13
Malcolm and Elizabeth Smith P’20’22
Ana Soto P’23
Dorothy Sweeney P’91’95
Lisa and Paul Tyler P’19’24
Victor and Julie Wright P'23
$250+ Regal Sponsor
Terje and Barbara Andreassen P’03
J. Ellen Berryhill ’59
Sr. Gina Marie Blunck, SND '64
Dave and Christina Bomberger '83
Pat Brill '67
Bill and Celeste Bub
Michelle Caputo ’74
Marie Chambers P'98
Cheryl Cleamons P'16'19
Edith Cuevas-Mendoza P'20
Edina Cuevas P'25
Roxana De La Rosa '95
Raymond Durand P'00
Rosemary Erlinger ’59
Heather Flannery P'24
Maire Ford P'21 '25
Paula Griego ’73
Bridget Hearst ’08
Lynn Hirschfield
Vida Holguin ’67
Kate Kearin ’77
Cathy Lass '84
Michael and Milana McDermott ’80 P’13’15’18’22
Kelley McEachern '96
Rob Callahan and Dionne McNeff P’23
Jeanee Miranda P'24
Christopher and Denise Morris '75 P'04'06'08
Elena O'Shea '83 P'08'13
Helen and Peter Reale P'12
Elizabeth Rott P'25
Melanie Trup
Chrisoula Vlassopoulos ’02
Grace Vorreuter '01
Dick and Patti Williams P'03
Stephanie Zavaleta '10
Caroline Zerres '94

Sponsorship Levels:

$25,000+ Julie Billiart Sponsor*
$10,000+ Platinum Sponsor*
$5,000+ Gold Sponsor*
$2,500+ Silver Sponsor*
$1,500+ Crown Sponsor*
$1,000+ Presidential Sponsor
$500+ Crimson Sponsor  
$250+ Regal Sponsor

Honorary Committee 

Tracy and Alexander Alvy P'22
Colin and Allison Barber P'23
Bri Berlin '05
Kayla Berlin '07
Patricia Brill '67
Tom and Luanne Donahue P'24
Maureen Flannery '75
Michael and Fahi Hallin P'22
Katie Harding '00
Rich and Arlene Havel P'88
Lynne and Jack Hook P'22
Henry Jordan P'05
Arthur Khachatourians and
Francesca Piumetti P'23
Sandra Korn
Gustavo Lamanna and
Valerie Lapeña ’87 P’23
Rob and Margi McAusland P'23
Chris and Aarti McDonald P'20 '24
Tom and Yvette McFerson P'20
Steve Moreno P'24
Romeo Santos and
Mary Blomer Santos '82 P'23
Mauricio and Myriam Silva P'25
Erin Sullivan Ward '82 P'23
Victor and Julie Wright P'23

Steering Committee 

Giuliana Battaglini '13
Nancy Coonis, Former NDASLA President
Cristina Cuellar ‘00 
Dan and Sonja Duffy  P’21
Jim Evans P’10 P’15
Tommy and Michelle Moreno P’23
Lilliam Paetzold '84
Cheryl Robinson ‘70